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Year of Prayer for Discernment

Heaton Mersey Methodist Church, Cavendish Road Heaton Mersey

Year of Prayer for Discernment and Thy Kingdom Come 


The Church will be open on Saturday Afternoon 8th June 2019 from 2pm to 4pm

Come and join us for an opportunity to sit in a quiet place and “be in the moment”, stay for a short while or as long as you like


There will be people available who will pray with you or for you if you wish.

As you come or go there will be refreshments available in the church lounge

Stockport and Manchester Methodist District

Year of Prayer for Discernment 2018-2019

Discernment is not a logical, rational, ordered discipline that leads deductively to inescapable conclusions. Though as part of the whole process we may well use some of these disciplines.

Discernment is not just an impulse or completely random activity.

Discernment is not to be equated with consensus decision making, though communal discernment may lean heavily towards a consensus, rather than a win or lose situation.

The Dictionary says: to discern is to perceive something obscure or concealed, to perceive differences, make distinctions and that discernment is the act of discerning.

Keenness of discrimination, good judgment, understanding, reason, intuition

A sorting and sifting, a careful listening and a recognising.

It is to see the movement of God, perhaps only in the dust kicked up by the wind.

Christian discernment will not take us in the direction which is contrary to the Spirit we see in Jesus. The discernment process is one of uncovering decision (the spirit prays within us “with sighs too deep for words.”)

 Discernment requires patience, it may take longer to reach any kind of decision.

As we wait and listen to the movement of the Spirit, our true and deepest desires are clarified. Central to discernment is discovering those deepest desires where we are truly in tune with God’s desires for humankind. The deepest human desire is to be loved and accepted by God.

Discernment requires ongoing vigilance. Circumstances may change and develop requiring us ‘stay in tune’ with where God is calling us now.

So, to sum up discernment is about searching, listening and recognising what God is asking of us so that we can live to His praise and glory.

Prayer Time

At 09.45 on the second and fourth Sundays of every month there is a prayer session in the Church quiet room which goes on until 10.30.  You are welcome to come and go during this time.  All are welcome.



Weekly Prayers

As a Church we connect with a lot of different groups and we ask you to pray for these individuals. 


Sun   6th Jan – Family Church@10

Sun 13th Jan – Playtime@Church

Sun 20th Jan – Sunday Club

Sun 27th Jan – WLTDO


Prayer Chain

The Church has a Prayer Chain, this is a chain of people who pray for our Church family.


If you would like us to pray for you or for someone you know or a particular issue you are facing please email us:




Prayer Breakfasts - with the Heaton Churches Partnership

The Prayer Breakfast is held on the third Saturday of every other month and is hosted by different Churches in the Heaton Churches Partnership.  Please join us for breakfast and prayer.


The next one wil lbe in September 2019


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