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Heaton Mersey Methodist Church

Until the end of 2021 Family Church@10 will be held on Saturdays.

Tune In to God:Fridays@5:17 3Generate 365 is a year-round process of engagement with children and young people by   The Methodist Church. As part of 3Generate 365 they are launching a weekly time of prayer at 5:17pm! Never stop   praying (1 Thessalonians 5:17) Each Friday at 5:17 children and young people are encouraged to spend some time listening and paying attention to God. Why not spend this time with God and Pray for children and young people at this time.



Children & Families

Heaton Mersey Methodist Church is endeavouring to serve our local community, especially children & families.

Here's a photo of "The Creator" the winning entry from our Sunday Club in the Heaton Mersey Collective Scarecrow competition on Sat 22nd Sept 2018.

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