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Muddy Church

Muddy Church usually happens on the 4th Sunday of the month at 10.45am.  Please check our Facebook page for up-to-date information.  Our upcoming meetings will be on: 

Sunday 23rd June at 10.45am.

Sunday 28th July at 10.45am.

February 2024: Isaac and Rebekah

After hearing about how Rebekah offered water to Abraham's servant for his camels, we had a go at making some camels of our own.  

September 2023: Garden of Eden

We heard how God created the world, and the people in it.  We made spiral snakes, planted our own mini gardens in old containers and made bird feeders to look after the birds over the winter.  

June 2023: Fire and the Holy Spirit.

This month we learned all about how the Holy Spirit first appeared to the disciples looking like tounges of flame.  

November 2022: Jesus, Light of the World.

Our celebration of the light that Jesus brings to our world.  

October 2022: Harvest Festival.

Some of our favourite foods, as well as Harvest wreaths to thank God for His many gifts.

September 2022: A Great Big Muddy World.

Some of our creations from October's Muddy Church: Crafting the Creation Story.  

July 2022:  All Things Bright and Beautiful.

We had a colour hunt around the church, to find as many different colours as possible.  We even created our own rainbow.  

June 2022: We're Going On A Bug Hunt.

We held a bug hunt around the church gardens, and celebrated the smallest parts of God's creation by making a butterfly mobile.  

April 2022: Easter Gardens.

We had great fun making Easter gardens at out April Muddy Church.  Hopefully everyone remembered to roll away the stone on Easter Sunday!

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