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Summer Events

Some photos from our summer events 2023!

Getting the Church ready for Christmas!

Warm Spaces at Tiviot Dale

Support Our Local Foodbank

Packaging Recycling (Tablets)


Do you make lots of visits to the chemist for tablets?  Do you know that the empty blister packs can be taken to Super Drug in Mersey Square or Blaggs Hardware shop for the packaging to be recycled?


We now have a box in the church lounge where you can put your empty blister packs and they will be taken to Stockport Super Drug to be recycled.  Another easy way to help our Carbon Footprint.  Please help if you can.   

Heart Art - Feb 2021

Sharing God's love in our Community

Keeping Busy at Home in 2020

Our current situation is strange for most of us, being forced to spend more time at home than we usually would and with only the company of those we live with.  It's important to keep busy and active.  What have you been up to?  Here's some photos from our Church family!

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