Heaton Mersey Methodist Church
Heaton Mersey Methodist Church


Storm damage in February 2014.  

Sadly one of our trees came down in the storm.


Luckily it fell across the empty car park avoiding the Church and the road.

A Poem by Glenys Farrow

Glenys Farrow was inspired to write this poem when our 97 year old oak tree was blown over by the storm in February, just before the Church Anniversary. She incorporated some of its wood in her amazing flower arrangements.



The skies are dark, when night comes,

Only the moon and stars

To brighten up the cold night sky.

The rain comes like an endless flow,

The wind roars and blows and blows,

Down comes our beloved old, oak tree

On one dark and stormy night.


However long the Winter and beneath

The surface of the cold, hard ground,

As Spring breaks through, Nature stirs,

And comes back to life again.

The sunshine and gntle showers,

Peace is returning, like flowing rivers.


Let’s wake up to Nature,

Be thankful and praise God’s glory.

The Seasons, wind, snow, clouds, rain,

Blue skies and sunshine,

New leaves, roots and shoots are reappearing,

And growth is as green as grass,

Spring flowers blooming and birds singing,

Trees with their Springtime blossom,

New life is now beginning


Beauty shines, on that old tree bark

That sadly blew down, in the cold and dark.

Nature’s natural decay was yesterday.

Now in Spingtime, Nature’s rebirth awakens,

And all the tomorrows are found

In the seeds of today,

On this our Anniversary Day.

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