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Charity Update

If you would like to nominate a Charity for next year, please speak to a steward.

Our Charity for Quarter 4 will be related to Kenya


Thankyou for supporting our recent charity collections which raised  

Quarter 1 Charity Watago £400

Quarter 2 Charity Easter Offering £185

All We Can/Haiti £330

Marmalade House (sale of marmalade) £85

Christian Aid - £165

Quarter 3 St Francis House cHildren's Hospice £240

Our Charity for this Quarter is MAUA METHODIST HOSPITAL

(World Missions) nominated by Meg Bailey


MAUA is situated in Nyambene Hills, rising out of the Northern Frontier District beyond which lie Southern Sudan, Ethiopia and Somalia


MAUA HOSPITAL has been serving the community around Maua since 1930, responding to the health needs of 100,000+ people. In the intervening years, it has extended its programmes for Maternal Child Health and Family Planning, Disability Care, Community Based Health Care and Nurse Training, and is currently involved in training doctors in Palliative Care in response to the AIDS epidemic.


CURRENT CHALLENGES - This year is proving particularly challenging:

●      Doctors in national health service resumed duty after 3+ months on strike, for financial reasons, followed by nurses still currently on strike. This has had a devastating effect on the already overstretched health services.  Non-government hospitals are expected to treat all comers without payment, resulting in overcrowding and financial shortages, particularly in church hospitals

●      Major area of stress - Maternity Unit - Two mothers and babies to bed. 50 deliveries and 5 surgical deliveries per day.

●      Loss of income to buy drugs and feed patients. Election year provides its own security threat from local loyalties.

●      Major conflicts and drought affecting the whole E. Africa region leading to many internal and external refugees from North



The answer I got from Maua was: “Who knows?



●      Give thanks

- for the services WE have through NHS

- that God continues to guide and bless His work at the Hospital and in the community

-for all the loyalty and commitment of the members of the hospital staff over many years

-for the individuals and voluntary groups who have done much to help develop the facilities and programmes

●      Pray

- for peace and relief of drought in Eastern Africa

- a successful outcome to a re-running of the Kenya election

for all patients and staff including Dr. Claire Smithson (Burnage), in charge of the Palliative Support Programme. See Prayer Manual (day 8)

●      Give

- the collection on Sunday 26th November will go to Maua Hospital towards buying medicines so that they can continue treatments until the situation improves.


Our Charity for Quarter 3 is Francis House Children’s hospice


About Francis House

In January 1990 Sister Aloysius Sister Aloysius a woman whose Faith moved mountains called a meeting of like-minded people to discuss how to provide help to the many families around the Northwest who had children with life limiting conditions, the Rainbow Family Trust was born! Never one to let grass grow under her feet Sister drove the project on and it is a great tribute to her tenacity, faith and strength of purpose that on the 25th of November 1991 the late Princess Diana opened a fully operational Francis House and ever since the Francis House family has continued to grow.


The service is founded on a belief in the sanctity of life and respect for the dignity of every person. Francis House values the understanding, visions and attitudes to life and death of all of the children and families who allow us the privilege of being alongside them through their times of stress, pain and confusion.


Francis House provides care for children and young adults with life threatening conditions. They also provide support and friendship for the whole family. The families teach us and humble us in their courage, commitment and strength of spirit. When they are at a low ebb we endeavor, through our flexible child centered service to support them through their difficult times.


Caring for someone, often for twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week can put an impossible strain upon families. Relationships can suffer, careers are abandoned, brothers and sisters feel neglected, family activities and holidays are rare. Families can feel isolated, alone and afraid.


In spite of their desperate need many shy away from seeking help from the hospice, their expectations are that it will be a sad place, and some may not feel ready to face the true nature of their child’s condition. Stepping across the threshold seems so final. When they do come to Francis House they find a place of comfort, rest, fun and enjoyment. All of the care is offered in a comfortable home from home environment. Families come for periods of rest and recuperation along with treatment of distressing symptoms, end of life care and support.

Francis House provides a home from home where families can receive professional care, support and friendship.  Francis House is open to all families who:

Have children diagnosed as having a life threatening or life limiting condition

Are under sixteen years of age on referral

Care is given free of charge and regardless of faith or cultural background.


Where it is right for young people and their families respite care may be given at Francis Lodge which is an age appropriate facility for teenagers and young adults.


Our collection for this charity will be during our service on Sunday 6th August and also at our BBQ on the same day.

Our Charity for Quarter 2 2017 is Methodist Women in Britain nominated by Helen Ross.

We have a proud heritage stemming from the twin roots of Women’s Work, founded in the 1858 to support training and care for women missionaries, and Women’s Fellowship, started in 1945 out of a concern to address social problems resulting from the war. These two movements merged in 1987 to form the Women’s Network of the Methodist Church, with a clear place in the Methodist connexional team. Change came in 2008 resulting in the launch in 2011 of Methodist Women in Britain as an independent, self-financing organisation. Our aim today is to connect women with an interest in creative spirituality and a passion for global social justice. The Easter Offering Envelopes  - The Easter Offering 2017 dedication service, Shine like Stars (Philippians 2:15), will feature stories from nationals in mission appointments (NMAs) in Brazil, Ghana and Pakistan, whom the World Mission Fund supports. This service provides an opportunity for a circuit to gather and celebrate God's mission activity in the wider world. It includes the dedication of the Easter Offering - all of which goes to the World Mission Fund of the Methodist Church in Britain and Ireland, supporting 65 Partner Churches overseas

Our Charity for Quarter 1 is WATOTO in Uganda nominated by Julie following her several trips of volunteering there, the collection will be on Sunday 19th February.




What does the word Watoto mean?

Watoto is the Swahili word for “children”.


What is Watoto?

Watoto is a church based organisation that cares for orphans and widows in Uganda. Our goal is to raise the next generation of Ugandan leaders.


How did Watoto begin?

In 1994 Watoto church began rescuing orphans. Watoto was born out of the need to place parentless children into loving families. Through Watoto, these children receive the message of Jesus Christ and His salvation, a spiritual awakening, an excellent education and a family. To date Watoto has over 3000 children in holistic care and the number continues to grow yearly.


What makes Watoto different from other organisations?

Watoto places children in families rather than in large, institutional style orphanages. This ensures that children receive the individual love and care they require.


How does Watoto care for children?

Watoto places the most vulnerable children into new families. Each family consists of 8 children and a mother who cares for them.


Where do the children come from?

Watoto employs several social workers who, with the approval of the Government of Uganda, locate and select the most vulnerable children. These children are some of the 2 million who have been orphaned due to AIDS and war.


Where do the mothers come from?

Many Watoto mothers are widows. Some of them have children of their own. Watoto supports these women by giving them the opportunity to fulfil their roles as mothers. Each mother is responsible for the daily care of 8 children.


Watoto villages reflect a familiar traditional dwelling for people in Africa. The houses are positioned in clusters of nine and provide all the essentials of a basic home. 

Our Charity for Quarter 4 2016 is JMA nominated by Anne Cowlishaw.


JMA Junior Mission for All.  


JMA is about encouragement, support and learning more about the people who live in this complex world we share.


The JMA promise is to:- Learn, pray and serve with the world wide church of Jesus Christ.

So we seek to encourage young people (and adults) to:-


Learn more about the lives of people who live – particularly in difficult situations 'world-wide'.

Pray (expecting God to change situations) – at home and overseas.

Support – in whatever way we can – the people who are seeking to work in these difficult situations. For this we need YOUR help!


The money that is given, collected and raised for JMA goes to the World Mission Fund of the Methodist Church and there are many exciting stories about work that is being supported by this fund (4/5ths goes overseas and 1/5th is used in Great Britain).


Currently 2 of the projects supported by JMA are in Nepal & Haiti. Some of our congregation know people personally who work and support these projects. Both Nepal and Haiti have suffered tremendously from horrific earthquakes in recent years. Part of the work being done is to 'Build Back Better' – how important is that! (See Rainbow, the JMA magazine; Mission Mattes or speak to Meg, Anne or Amy)


The variety of projects undertaken is enormous but when you hear the stories behind the work being done and the people helped, it is 'heart-warming' in a special way.


There will be gift envelopes available for JMA in November and our collection will take place on Nov 20th when the younger JMA collectors will be presented with their certificates and awards. Please come along and ENCOURAGE them if you possibly can.


Why am I calling this service The Bigger Picture?

Because our small efforts - help to make things better!


Story-time:-  A man was walking along a beach where there were thousands of starfish stranded on the sands. As he walked along he was continually stopping to pick up a starfish and throw it back into the sea.  "Why are you doing that" someone asked him, "you cannot possibly make a difference – there are too many of them."  Back came the reply, "I may not make a difference to the beach" he said "but I certainly make a difference to the lives of the starfish that are put back into the sea."


We know so well, that God can do big miracles with just a little bit of love from his people.

Please encourage others to know that too.



Anne Cowlishaw.

Our Charity for Quarter 3 was The Charnwood Trust, the collection was on 7th August, we raised £180

Our Charity for Quarter 2 was Toilet Twinning.  We raised £380


Lack of access to clean water and proper sanitation traps individuals and entire communities in poverty and ill health world-wide.  Yet I suspect that it is something that we very much take for granted.

Did you know?

  • There are 46 countries where at least half the population do not have access to proper sanitation (Unicef, World Health Org), one of the world’s biggest killers.
  • Every day about 1,400 children under five die of illnesses linked to unclean water and poor sanitation – approx one per minute (Unicef)
  • In  Africa alone, people spend 40 billion hours every year walking to collect water
  • Inadequate sanitation results in economic losses estimated at £153 billion annually in developing countries
  • In  2000 189 countries signed up to the UN’s Millennium Development Goals with a 2015 sanitation target which may not actually be met in sub-Saharan Africa for another 150 years                                                                             

What is the Toilet Twinning programme about?

  • It is a community-based programme and aims to create action groups to promote behaviour change in order to reduce the diseases which have such a debilitating effect on personal and community living
  • It also guides the communities as to which type of sanitation is most suitable for their needs. A four and a half foot deep simple latrine presents a very different challenge in volcanic rock from semi-desert terrain or in an area with a high water table.
  • Participating organizations include Tear Fund and Water Aid among others

For reflection

  • Read Deuteronomy 23 v 12-14 and reflect on the similarities between the Israelites’ situation with  some of those outlined above, and the advice Moses gave them.
  • What other things are there which we personally take for granted?

How can we help?      

  • The cost suggested by the programme is £60 per twinned toilet. 
  • As a church, it is proposed that we twin our four church  toilets

We raised £280 for our 2016 Charity for Q1



Your local Easter Offering Service is prepared by Methodist Women in Britain (www.mwib.org.uk) on behalf of the World Mission Fund. This act of worship enables the Methodist Church in Britain and Ireland to give to the work of the 65 Partner Churches overseas.


This years’ service will be held at Edgeley Community Church (Methodist & United Reformed Church), SK3 9NB   17/05/2016  7.30


The theme is “ Child get up” (John 10:10.  Luke 8:54)  The title of the Easter Offering dedication service for 2016 comes from the story of the healing of Jairus' daughter (Luke 8: 54). God created each child with the potential to use their talents and gifts to the full, to grow and to flourish. Yet, in many societies and communities, that potential remains unrealised because of lack of resources, power and rights.


The Easter Offering envelopes, which are collected each Easter,  are a major part of the Methodist World Church work.  This reflects the long history of commitment to overseas work by the women of Methodism, and the recognition that local specific relationships with overseas projects and World Church in Britain partnerships are given broader meaning by a national focus.


Thank you for your continuing support

Charity for the 4th Quarter 2015

One Mission - Methodist Church Funds

The Methodist Church has four Funds which Support Evangelism and Service, people and property within the Church at home and abroad.

In the past few years the names of the funds have been changed which has been somewhat confusing and made it difficult to keep abreast of what is what. Now the names of the funds are settled and are:

The World Mission Fund. (Previously known as Overseas Missions)

This fund supports the work of the Church by supporting mission partners to work overseas, providing Scholarships and Leadership Training, providing Grants to partner Churches and Nationals in Mission Appointments

The Mission in Britain Fund (previously known as Home Missions)

This Fund supports a wide spectrum of mission, Mission alongside the poor, chaplaincy, sharing the Gospel with all ages, ministering opportunities at Methodist Heritage sites, using church properties to serve local communities.

The Property Fund supports work in aid of or on behalf of the trustees of Methodist properties

The Methodist Church Fund is at the core of Methodism, facilitating all areas of being a Church and helps Discipleship and Ministries, Mission and Advocacy, Church governance and essential support services (finance, property support, grants support and IT

ALL WE CAN previously known as Methodist Relief and Development Fund. The Name was changed after a great deal of soul searching, and whilst it is still a Methodist Charity it operates independently from the other Funds, a bit like MWiB (Methodist Women in Britain which used to be Network).

Four different strands of the work are Grassroots partnerships: working with talented partners rooted in poor communities. Advocacy and Education: working with partners, churches and schools to speak out against injustice and tackle causes of poverty. Working through Churches: reaching one million people through one thousand churches. Emergency Response: responding to humanitarian emergencies cause by natural disasters, conflict and potential instability.

Envelopes for your donations will be available in the Church Lounge and if you are a tax payer please consider Gift aiding your contribution.

If you would like to know more about one or all of these funds please speak to Amy, Beryl Meg or Millie.

2015 Quarter 3 Charity Update: Heaton Mersey Methodist Church is supporting the Heaton Churches Partnership Schools Worker (nominated by Sue).


Schools Worker Project


‘We will not hide from our children the things our parents have told us.

We will tell the next generation the praiseworthy deeds of the Lord’.  Psalm 78: 3,4


In 2001 Heaton Mersey Methodist Church had an away day to consider the mission of the church. One of the three items for focus was our mission to children. On Wednesday 4 July 2001 Steve Innes and Marian Evans conduct their first school assembly at Mersey Vale Primary School for children in both Key Stage 1 and 2. It quickly became apparent that this was God’s mission too and the work grew and progressed.


Steve Innes met Dr. Steve Taylor and Sue Stout at the Inside-Out Conference in Manchester in October 2002. They agreed to meet for prayer and subsequently contacted other churches in the Heatons to meet for prayer over issues of mutual concern for our churches and community. From this, the first 'Prayer Breakfast' was held at Heaton Mersey Methodist Church on Saturday 23 November 2002 with breakfast at 7:45am for prayers from 8-9am.


From this base of prayer, the Heatons Churches Partnership (HCP) was born and celebrated on Sunday 11 September 2005:

Goal: To present Jesus Christ to the Heatons through our unity, mission and service.

Strategy: We will support each other’s activities and work together on projects we cannot do alone by encouraging involvement of our congregations in joint mission activities.


On Sunday 14 September 2008 Andrew Phillips was commissioned as the first HCP Schools Worker. Steve Innes was the first Team Leader of the Management Team with Heaton Mersey contributing 4 of the 5 team members: Sue Ainsworth (Treasurer), Jane Edwards (Teaching Rep) and Phil Speak (Prayer and Communication).


Over the next 2 years the project progressed beyond anyone’s expectations and Linda Lanigan was recruited in September 2010 to replace Andy as the work required 2 days per week. Currently, in 2015, this has now extended to 22 hours per week.


It is difficult to summarise all the amazing work that Linda does in our schools and churches with the children of our community. This includes: assemblies and lessons, Anti-Bullying Week, ‘It’s Your Move’ transition to secondary school, school clubs, visits to churchs and church clubs, contacts through community events. As it becomes increasingly difficult for us to conduct our mission to children within our church building and activities there, it becomes increasingly more important to ’tell the next generation the praiseworthy deeds of the Lord’ where they are – that is in school. Linda has visited us here and at the HCP Prayer Breakfast many times to share amazing examples of God reaching his children through the schools work.


As a church and individuals, we have supported Linda and the Project for many years now with our prayers, support and finances. Linda also relies on volunteers from the churches to assist her in school, especially with the lunchtime clubs – members of our church have also provided this support too. Consequently, it was not difficult so select the Project as our Church Charity for July to September 2015.


Please pray for:

•      Linda’s relationships with children, Heads and staff

•      Schools to strengthen good relationships with churches

•      Sufficient funding for this exciting work

•      Wisdom for the Management Team as they support Linda

•      Good relationship with our partners in CIST



•      Thanks for the faithful, regular giving of individuals and churches

•      More support is needed due to greater demand from schools


If you wish be included on the list to receive prayer requests and communications or feel that you could be one of the financial supporters of the Project, please contact  ‘hcp.schoolsworker@gmail.com’.

Thankyou for your generous giving, we raised £400 in May to help those affected by the earthquakes in Nepal.


And a further £448.75 in June through the sale of jewellery made by ladies in Nepal, these funds will go to support the ladies and enable them to continue in their business.

2015 Quarter 2 Charity Update:  Heaton Mersey Methodist Church is supporting

Methodist Women in Britain     (nominated by Helen)


Easter Offering

Each year, the Methodist Church holds an Easter offering dedication service. The tradition of the Easter Offering dates back to 1883 when women in Manchester collected £32 from 'Christmas pennies' at family gatherings on Christmas Day at lunch for Missionary work overseas. In March 1884, the London Districts distributed Easter envelopes and collecting bags asking for a penny a head and just over £100 was collected.

Through gifts great and small, the Easter Offering has become a significant feature of the World Church. In 1986, the Bicentenary year, it totalled nearly £200,000. Throughout the country, effort focuses on the annual envelope collection for the Fund for World Mission through the Easter Offering and the associated service of dedication.

This reflects the long history of commitment to overseas work by the women of Methodism, and the recognition that local specific relationships with oversea projects and World Church in Britain partnerships are given broader meaning by a national focus. The theme and service are different every year.

The Easter Offering Dedication service for 2015 draws inspiration from the prophetic visions in Old and New Testaments of the Tree of Life producing leaves for healing. We hear stories from partner churches engaged in healing and healthcare and from countries around the world where the church is involved in national and international reconciliation.

This years’ service will be held on the 12th May 2015 at 7.30pm at TRINITY METHODIST CHURCH, STOCKPORT, SK3 8TP 

2015 Quarter 1 Charity Update:  Heaton Mersey Methodist Church supported

Mission Aviation Fellowship     (nominated by Milly)


In 2013 the Mission Aviation Fellowship (MAF) fleet flew 2,616,925 nautical miles. More importantly, MAF served over 600 organizations (5 with restricted access), flew 94,005 passengers and 8,513,327 pounds of cargo to provide:

  1. Evangelism and Church Nurture     
  2. Medical Assistance
  3. Disaster Response
  4. Community Development
  5. Training and Development of Indigenous People

MAF also provided communications and learning technology services to support the work of hundreds of Christian and relief organizations working to spread the Gospel and improve the conditions of remote people.

Lives of people living in isolation were changed because of the services MAF was able to provide. Remote communities received Bibles in their own languages for the first time. Church leaders were trained and equipped to take the Gospel to their own people. Children got life-saving medical care. Wells, building-materials, schools, teachers, missionaries, and doctors brought hope to remote regions of the world.

M.A.F. need financial support but more importantly they need your prayers.  If you would like one please request a prayer manual from Milly. Our Sunday collection on 22nd February will go to M.A.F.

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